Parent Mentor

Parenting is hard and for first time parents, you don’t know what you don’t know.  Parent Mentoring is 1:1 virtual or in-person visits with an early childhood specialist to ask all the question you have about your baby’s development. Topics include feeding, sleeping, and play.  This is the place to ask anything about parenting your new baby. We will review age appropriate milestones and talk about ways to help you child achieve those milestone. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Parent Mentor:

•Listening and Empathy: A parent mentor actively listens to parents’ concerns, questions, and challenges without judgment. They offer empathy and understanding, acknowledging the complexities of parenting.

•Knowledge Sharing: Parent mentors provide evidence-based information on child development, behavior management, communication skills, and various parenting techniques. They help parents understand their child’s developmental stages and individual needs.

•Offering Perspective: Parent mentors can provide a fresh perspective on parenting situations, helping parents see challenges from different angles and fostering problem-solving skills.

•Identifying Strengths: They recognize and reinforce the strengths and positive aspects of a parent’s parenting style, boosting their confidence in their abilities.

•Goal Setting: Parent mentors work collaboratively with parents to set realistic and achievable parenting goals. These goals may relate to behavior management, communication, or establishing routines.

•Customized Guidance: Recognizing that every family is unique, a parent mentor tailors their guidance to suit the specific needs, values, and cultural backgrounds of the parents they are supporting.

•Modeling Positive Parenting Techniques: Parent mentors demonstrate positive parenting techniques, showing parents effective ways to respond to their children’s needs and behaviors.

•Support during Transitions: Whether it’s welcoming a new baby, dealing with a change in family dynamics, or handling transitions during a child’s growth, parent mentors provide guidance to navigate these changes successfully.

•Encouragement and Motivation: Parent mentors offer ongoing encouragement and motivation, celebrating successes and helping parents stay resilient during challenging times.



If you live in the Boston Metro-West area and are interested in in-person visits contact me for rates and availability.

Parent Mentor One Visit


Parent Mentor 6 months One Visit Per Month


Parent Mentor 6 months Two Visits Per Month